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-----An offer youz can’t refuse da Gangsters, da Flappers & da Hooch, at Tommy Guns Garage… “Chicago speakeasy”. Let luck be a lady tonight at the Horseshoe Casino, then bunk down at the best flop house in town. Tommy Guns Garage is an audience interactive “Speakeasy” offering a roaring 20’s Musical Revue with da Gangsters, da Flappers and Youz (Uh, dat’s audience participation)! After dinner join “Vito”, “Gloves”, da “Mugs” and da “Molls” for non-stop comedy and dangerous fun as dey entertain youz wit singing, dancing, and lots of audience participation.

-----Got Milk? At Fair Oaks Dairy Adventure at Fair Oaks Farms find out how milk is produced. Modern day farming and production at it’s finest. Your experience includes the birthing center, museum, 4-D theatre, plus a cheese and ice cream retail store. Meet the character behind the counter by stepping into Lange’s Old Fashion Meat Market. Authentic yester-year atmosphere, from the old fashion pickle barrel in the corner, to the sawdust on the floor…Yes, “sawdust”, and its USDA approved and must meet government standards before hitting the floor.

-----“I Love Lucy” & Ethel in the candy factory, didn’t you? Then try ‘HOW SWEET IT IS.” See the 30 foot chocolate waterfall and how your favorite candy is made at Albanese Candy Factory. Thousands of chocolates and candies to choose from, and home to the World’s Best Gummy. Don’t fret the calories, they make sugar free too! Now, that I have your sweet tooth’s attention… how ‘bout cheesecake? Eli’s Cheesecake factory tour and outlet store. Sample delicious Eli’s Cheesecake, you can even make your own! Still searching for your “Sweet Spot” then the Hoosier Bat Company factory tour is just the ticket. Created by a former scout for the New York Yankees, these patented, 3-piece custom bats are fast becoming “The bat of choice” for major leaguers. Sammy Sosa found the “Sweet Spot” of a Hoosier Bat in 1998 when he was voted the National League’s MVP of the year.

-----Let’s go cruising now, Shoreline Skyline Boat Tour will show you how and why it is Chicago’s favorite! Architecture cruises recount Chicago’s historic role as the birthplace of modern American architecture.

-----Land of the free and home of the brave Community Veterans Memorial is the only war memorial that commemorates every U.S. conflict of the 20th century. It tells the story of courageous individuals who survived and those who died serving the United States of America. The unique landscape stretches across nine acres and resembles the geography of each war; World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam and Dessert Storm.